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Upper eyelid tightening

Upper eyelid tightening

Upper eyelid tightening in Munich with Dr. med. Nikolaus Raab – specialist for plastic surgery

An upper eyelid tightening with me in Munich is implemented in a renowned clinic. Upper eyelid correction is among the most frequent operations implemented in the area of the eyes. With increasing age, the elasticity of the skin in the eyelid area can reduce. The result can be for example drooping eyelids which can produce an overall fatigued expression in the face. An upper eyelid tightening in Munich can help you again attain a fresh, awake facial expression.

Upper eyelid tightening – one of the most frequent cosmetic surgery procedures

A moderate loosening of the eyelids can occur as early as in the very young years and can be repaired thanks to upper eyelid tightening. Usually an upper eyelid tightening or upper eyelid correction procedure takes about an hour. If required, an upper eyelid tightening with a lower eyelid tightening can also be combined. Generally an overnight stay is not necessary. In a first preliminary discussion, I would be glad to inform you more about upper eyelid tightening, one of the most frequent operations carried out in the area of plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Upper eyelid tightening Munich

What exactly are drooping eyelids?

Loosened skin in the upper eyelid area guarantees so-called drooping eyelids, comparable with thicker lacrimal sacks in the area of the lower eyelid. According to markedness of the drooping eyelids, it can even happen that the eyelids are no longer visible when the eyes are opened. Drooping eyelids are often also designated as hanging eyelids and, in severe cases, can also lead to impairment of sight. After a restless night with little sleep, drooping eyelids mostly appear even more distinctly.

How is a drooping eyelid operation carried out?

Surplus skin, in part also including the loosened muscle tissue, is removed in a drooping eyelid operation. The scar is set into the eyelid wrinkle, in order to achieve a perfect result which is as inconspicuous as possible. After some weeks, there is almost nothing which could identify that an operation for drooping eyelids took place. The most important facts relating to a drooping eyelid operation are once again, in overview:

  • Intervention lasts between 45 and 60 minutes
  • A local anesthetic is generally sufficient
  • On request, the surgical intervention can also be implemented in a light sleep
  • An overnight stay is not necessary
Upper eyelid tightening Munich - Practice Dr. Raab
Drooping eyelids

Upper eyelid tightening costs – what costs are involved?

This question cannot be answered as a definitive total. In a initial consultation discussion, I will prepare a cost estimate together with yourself for an eyelid tightening in the area of the eyes. We review together in Munich which result you expect from an upper eyelid tightening and which possibilities are available to me as a plastic surgeon.

Can risks occur with upper eyelid tightening?

Risks with upper eyelid tightening can be wound-healing disturbances, as well as the general hazards of an anesthetic or narcosis. Every operation is associated with risks which I attempt to reduce to a minimum. After an upper eyelid tightening procedure, I remain in continuous contact with

my patient, check the wound healing and advise in wound care as well as after-care.

Costs & risks

Experience upper eyelid tightening – how important is the experience of the doctor?

The experience of the treating doctor plays a decisive role in the success of an upper eyelid tightening. I have long-standing experience as a plastic surgeon, from whom you can benefit in an upper eyelid tightening procedure in Munich. In a initial consultation discussion, I inform you about the costs, the sequence and possible risks involved in an upper eyelid tightening procedure. Dr. med. nikolaus Raab in Munich – I look forward to seeing you!

Upper eyelid tightening - Dr. Raab Plastic Surgery Munich

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