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Eyelid tightening Munich - Dr. Nikolaus Raab

Eyelid tightening

Eyelid tightening

An eyelid tightening or eyelid correction can achieve a appealing result, if you give the impression of being tired and depressed although you are fit and have slept late. Have lacrimal sacks formed beneath your eyes, or do you simply desire a fresher and more youthful appearance? Then you should become informed in my practice specializing in cosmetic and plastic surgery about the possibilities of eyelid tightening and/or eyelid correction.

In brief:
Upper eyelid operation duration: 30-45 min.
Lower eyelid operation duration: 1-2 hours
Narcosis: Local narcosis with a light sleepOut-patient intervention
Socially acceptable: After 7-14 days

Eyelid tightening Munich

When can an eyelid tightening or eyelid correction help?

According to genetic characteristics, the external and internal influences and the effects of age, the skin and/or the muscle in the eyes can loosen with time. The result is a drooping of the skin on the upper or lower eyelid. In this case, I can achieve very appealing results with an eyelid tightening and/or eyelid correction in my practice for plastic and cosmetic surgery in Munich.

I additionally recommend an eyelid tightening if you suffer from classical lacrimal sacks. These have little to do with the lacrimal gland or the tear ducts, rather they arise from surplus fat tissue. Also here, this surgical treatment can provide relief for the eyes.

Eyelid correction in Munich – technology and scar formation

Eyelid correction is implemented by me in a renowned Munich clinic and generally takes about an hour. The surplus skin and, if required, also loosened muscle tissue, are carefully removed. A local anesthetic is mostly sufficient here.

The scar is placed directly in the eyelid wrinkle and can scarcely be seen after a few weeks following the operation. You can leave the clinic directly after the eyelid correction. Your appearance is again socially acceptable after about 14 days following the eyelid tightening.

Eyelid tightening Munich - Practice Dr. Raab
Eyelid tightening – Technology

Eyelid tightening costs in Munich – what costs do I incur with such an operation?

If you decide on an eyelid tightening, you are first of all provided with a corresponding cost estimate from me.

In order to generate this, a detailed consultation discussion is required. The costs incurred are as individual as the treatment itself and the expectations of my patients. Together we review which results you expect from this intervention and which possibilities I have as a plastic surgeon of fulfilling your desires.

Generally health insurance will not cover the costs for eyelid tightening.

Eyelid tightening – what are the risks?

As with every operation, you must also accept that certain risks are involved with an eyelid tightening procedure in Munich. While these are certainly very small in case of a professionally implemented eyelid tightening, nevertheles, as a specialist for plastic and cosmetic surgery, I would like to draw your attention to the full extent of such risks.

As well as the general hazards involved in narcosis or anesthesia, wound-healing disturbances can also occur in case of eyelid tightening or eyelid correction. In order to reduce risks to my patients to a minimum, I remain in continuous contact with my patients after the operation. I check the healing progress after the eyelid tightening and advise you with regard to the necessary after-care and wound care.

Costs & Risks

Experience in eyelid tightening in Munich – how important is the experience of the doctor?

Eyelid tightening is an intervention on your external appearance, which can have effects on your overall opinion of yourself and your feeling of self-worth. Even if it involves only a relatively small-scale intervention which you undergo as an outpatient with local anesthetic, the experience of the doctor plays an important role. The intervention is simple, nevertheless a high level of experience in operations, aesthetic sense and care is required of the doctor!

Eyelid tightening operation – do you want to know more?

A lot of my patients would like to have an eyelid tightening implemented and many questions occur again and again in the upper eyelid tightening consultation discussion, e.g. how can an upper and lower eyelid tightening be implemented simultaneously? Of course, this is also not a problem. With a combined lower and upper eyelid tightening in Munich, the operation lasts approximately one to one and a half hours. For the intervention, we put you into a light sleep. In the normal case, an overnight stay in the clinic is not necessary.

I would be glad to advise you as regards all possibilities and of course also all risks which you can expect with an operation for eyelid tightening in Munich.

Please arrange an appointment at Tel. 089 – 24401297 (Mon. – Tues. from 09:00 hours to 19.00 hours and Wed. + Fri. according to agreement) or contact with me by email at I look forward to hearing from you!

Eyelid tightening Munich - Practice Dr. Nikolaus Raab

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