• Dr. med. Nikolaus Raab - Specialist in pastic surgery

    Dr. med. Nikolaus Raab

    Dr. Nikolaus Raab is a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery and specialized in breast augmentation, breast correction and facelift in Munich.

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  • Facelift Munich

    Facelift Munich

    There are many reasons why patients turn to plastic surgeons and have a facelift. With the passage of years and particularly from the 35th year, the skin tension in the face and in the neck clearly decreases.

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  • Breast enlargement Munich

    Breast enlargement Munich

    The breast is one of the most important features in the sensuality and attractiveness of the female body. Likewise, the breast has a high level of importance in promoting self-confidence and in dealing with the self and environment in the professional and private arena.

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Plastic surgery in Munich
Welcome to the practice of Dr. med. Nikolaus Raab

Do you long for more beauty and a feeling of well-being?
Would you like to influence your appearance positively, feel younger, more agile and fresher?

Cosmetic surgery in Munich
Do you wish to influence your appearance positively?

Schönheitschirurgie in München

In my specialist practice for aesthetic and plastic surgery in Munich, I meet daily with persons who approach me concerning their body and appearance with different desires and ideas.

I consider it my task to evaluate this desire for change based on my long-standing experience as a plastic and aesthetic surgeon, and to offer possible, realistic and aesthetic solution approaches.

Jointly with yourself, I review the medical possibilities which I can offer you in my practice for plastic surgery in Munich, with and without an operation. In a detailed personal discussion, as a specialist for plastic surgery, I explain to you in more detail the possibilities and risks involved in the different treatment methods.

In joint cooperation with yourself, I find a way to convert your desires into an appealing, aesthetic and harmonious result. Arrange an appointment in my practice for plastic surgery in Munich and become informed and advised by me, with no commitment, in a personal discussion.

Dr. med. Nikolaus Raab

Aesthetic surgery – The overall concept of Dr. med. Raab

VIDEO: Aesthetic surgery – The overall concept of Dr. med. Raab
Beauty Surgery Munich

Cosmetic surgery and its possibilities

Would you like to become informed about cosmetic surgery and its possibilities?

Or do you already have concrete desires, such as for example a face rejuvenation or a breast enlargement?

Contact my team and arrange an appointment. I would be happy to talk with you in a discussion with no commitment about the wide-ranging spectrum of this specialist medical field. Many patients who come to my practice for cosmetic surgery in Munich for the first time think initially of the best known methods of plastic surgery, such as the operational change to the feminine breast or the classical Facelift.

However, the range of plastic surgerical procedures extends far beyond breast enlargement and liposuction. Regardless of which desires you have, in my practice for cosmetic surgery in Munich you encounter an open ear and specialist competence. Whether it involves wrinkle treatments, breast enlargement, wrinkle injection, breast reduction or breast tightening, liposuction or other treatment and desires – I explain the possibilities of converting your desires into reality. We work using highly specialized methods and in accordance with the latest scientific knowledge.

Möglichkeiten der ästhetischen Chirurgie München

The patients who come to my practice for cosmetic surgery in Munich are as diverse as the possibilities available in cosmetic surgery. Thanks to the progress made in plastic surgery, it is no longer just women who wish to do something for a more positive and more satisfied body feeling. Ever more men are also finding their way to my practice. The majority of my male patients have a corrective procedure for gynacomastis, an enlargement of the male breast.

Plastic surgery – perfection on several levels

Möglichkeiten der ästhetischen Chirurgie München

The term aesthetic or plastic surgery in my medical practice stands for perfection on several levels. The profession of the cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon presupposes a marked empathy for harmonious form and aesthetics. Specialist advanced training, work lasting for years as a plastic surgeon at different high-quality clinics and of course studies at internationally recognized universities, such as the Heidelberg Ruprecht Karls University and Zurich University, guarantee you the competence of my specialist practice.

In addition, just as I do, my team places large value on the necessary empathy and a detailed consultation that should be a natural occurrence in the specialist department of aesthetic and plastic surgery.

Do not hesitate to contact us with no committment by telephone or visiting us spontaneously in our medical practice in Dienerstraße in Munich. We are glad to remain available for questions, concerns and suggestions.

Cosmetic surgery and its possibilities

Cosmetic surgery – what are the possibilities for non-surgical procedures?

Do you wish to change something about your body? Then we will of course recommend to you in the first place non-interventional, so-called conservative treatment if this is possible. Over the past years, these treatments have increased significantly in importance and are also offered as a matter of course in my practice for cosmetic surgery in Munich. Conservative treatments of cosmetic surgery, for example in the area of the face or the hands, promise very good results.

With filler or botox for wrinkle treatment, any traces and taints left by the procedure significantly reduce or completely disappear over the years. As early as after a few sessions, you can enjoy more freshness and youthfulness. And this is possible without having to be involved in narcosis, to experience any great pain or have to make overnight stays in a clinic. Most treatment in volving non-interventional cosmetic surgery can be implemented completely without anesthetic and without any great risk.

Would you like to know more about aesthetic and plastic surgery and its possibilities? Then visit me in my practice for Plastic Surgery in Munich or contact me by telephone at:

+49 (0) 89 / 24 40 12 97, praxis@dr-raab.com, Dienerstrasse 17, 80331 Munich

We look forward to a discussion with you.

Dr. med. Nikolaus Raab

Bauchstraffung München - Praxis Dr. Nikolaus Raab

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