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Breast enlargement Munich - Dr. Nikolaus Raab

Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement in Munich – experience more about one the most frequent cosmetic surgerical procedures.

The breast is one of the most important features in the sensuality and attractiveness of the female body. Likewise, the breast has a high level of importance in promoting self-confidence and in dealing with the self and environment in the professional and private arena. If, for genetic reasons, the breast is too small or not appealingly shaped, a breast enlargement in Munich can be the solution. A breast enlargement is a plastic/cosmetic surgical procedure, as well as breast tightening or breast reduction, which assist in promoting a feeling of well-being and self-worth.

Breast enlargement, which is medically designated as a mamma-augmentation, is one of the most frequent cosmetic operations carried out on women. In my practice I use implants or, however, also the person’s own fat in breast enlargement surgery in Munich. Taking into consideration your ideas, we plan and review the exact quality of your breast and the respective surgical method. Then the operation is implemented by me in a modern Munich clinic for plastic and cosmetic surgery under highly-sterile conditions.

In brief:
Operation duration:
Approx. 45 min
Narcosis: Full anaesthetic
Clinic stay: In-patient or 1 night in the clinic
Social acceptance: After 2-3 weeks
Sport: After 6 weeks

VIDEO: Breast surgery with 3D animation by Dr. med. Raab

Data protection notice:

Breast enlargement – what are the reasons for this?

There are different reasons why a woman decides on a breast enlargement. One of the most frequent reasons is a genetically-caused size of the breast which is too small. Another reason for a breast enlargement with me in Munich can also be anisomasis, breast asymmetry. This, mostly innate, faulty formation of the female breasts can be very well balanced with the aid of a combination of breast enlargement and breast reduction. Often the tubular breast occurs together with breast asymmetry, also designated as hose breast. This deformation of the breast can be well treated in Munich through a breast enlargement and changed into a beautifully-shaped result.

Likewise, a frequent reason for breast enlargement in Munich is breast loosening or breast contraction. Both occur for example after one or more pregnancies, or after a large weight reduction. With breast tightening and subsequent breast enlargement, you can soon again enjoy an appealing, well-formed breast.

Breast enlargement in Munich

Breast enlargement with your own fat – a natural alternative?

Many women would like a breast enlargement as a symbol of femininity, sensuality and fertility. However, not all women favor an implant. Breast enlargement with your own fat represents a more natural alternative of shaping the breasts and positively influencing their quality. Own fat has many advantages which make it valuable for breast enlargement and plastic and/or cosmetic surgery.

It can be obtained relatively simple by liposuction, it has the same gene structure and is therefore accepted by the body without any problems. In addition, your own fat remains lifelong at the location where it successfully formed a bond. Basically, two processes can be combined with this method of treatment: Liposuction and breast enlargement. Find out which possibilities for breast enlargement with your own fat are appropriate for you in a personal discussion in my practice in Munich. Furthermore, I can answer all questions regarding how this surgerical method functions, and which result we can achieve with your breast in particular by means of a breast enlargement with your own fat.

Breast enlargement with implants – your path to a beautiful, feminine breast

In my practice in Munich, as well as liposuction and subsequent breast enlargement with the person’s own fat, I also of course offer breast enlargement with implants or breast reduction. In a personal discussion, we review whether this plastic operation is suitable for you, which risks and successes you can expect and which implant size induces the most appealing result for you.

The size of the implants for a breast enlargement depends on several factors, such as the dimensions of the wart auricle, the size of the breast to be operated on and of course your own taste. As a result of the operation and the breast enlargement with implants, the functional capability, such as breastfeeding capability, are not influenced as far as possible. However, that also depends in particular on the type of operation selected. I would be glad to indicate to you in an initial consultation which perspectives a breast enlargement with implants apply for you.

Do you desire a natural breast enlargement – implants or a breast enlargement with your own fat?

Women often have a desire for a natural breast enlargement. A desire which is is often expressed is that a breast which is naturally loose should be enlarged. There are available on the market so-called breast pumps or suction bowls, which are applied on the breast with the objective of generating a vacuum. This should improve the supply of blood to the breast and, as a result, the expansion of the breast cells is fuller. However, this type of natural breast enlargement allows the breast to swell only and a permanently-stable situation is not provided.
In order to provide a loose breast with volume, there are methods for a natural breast enlargement with implants or with your own fat. I would be glad to advise you about this and discuss your desires. Together we can review the size of the implant or the quantity of your own fat for more volume in a natural breast enlargement.

Breast enlargement Munich – Alternative methods

Breast enlargement costs in Munich – what are the costs involved?

The costs incurred are as diverse and individual as the treatments and expectations of my patients. Every operating procedure, every breast volume, every section type and every filler material employed is associated with a different cost outlay. In order to calculate this expenditure according to your desires, scheduling a personal consultation is important. In this consultation, I can submit to you a cost estimate with no commitment, following a detailed discussion of our findings.

Most health insurances do not cover the costs of breast enlargement. I would also be glad to clarify the situation here for you.

Breast enlargement financing in Munich – can I also finance a breast enlargement?

On principle, you can also finance a breast enlargement in Munich. With corresponding creditworthiness and regular earnings, every bank can offer you favorable conditions. Compare the prices quoted by the banks on the Internet. Here you can find very favorable prices on the comparison portals. In this case, you should note the run-time and the interest rate over the complete term!

Munich breast enlargement payment by installment – can I pay for a breast enlargement on installment?

In my practice for plastic and cosmetic surgery, payment on installment is also possible! In this case, we arrange a monthly rate and a corresponding runtime which we stipulate contractually. Also a solvency check is implemented, as well as verification of regular earnings enclosed with the contract.

Breast enlargement Munich – Costs

Munich breast enlargement experience – how important is the experience of the doctor?

A breast enlargement is not a routine surgical intervention off the rail. For this reason it is all the more important that the doctor handling the treatment has long-standing experience in the area of breast enlargement, and can verify having carried out a large number of breast enlargements.

Every women is different, and for this reason should be fully informed and advised about the possibilities of a breast enlargement in Munich. With breast implants, there are different forms and sizes. There are anatomical implants which are symmetrically round or drop-shaped. The drop-shaped anatomical form gives the feminine breast a very natural appearance. Round, as well as anatomical implants, consist of a soft, rip-resistant silicone shell, which is filled with silicone gel secure against leakage. In my practice, we employ only premium implants from leading manufacturers without exception.

Also as important as the operation technology selected is the correct implant. Which technology I employ depends on the individual prerequisites set by the patient and their desired ideals, however also on the shape and size of the implant.

Breast enlargement Munich - Praxis Dr. Raab

Breast enlargement – I would be glad to advise you and answer all questions

Would you like to be informed about the subject of breast enlargement in a discussion with no commitment? Simply make an appointment in my private practice in Munich. In a detailed consultation, I can inform you of the procedures involved in plastic surgery and deal with your personal desires.

Please make an appoinment at Tel. 089 – 24401297 (Mon. – Tues. from 09.00 hours to 19.00 hours and Wed. + Fri. according to agreement) or get in contact with me by email at

I look forward to soon welcoming you for a consulation in my practice for plastic and cosmetic surgery in Munich!

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