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Botox Munich and what it can do for your appearance?
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Botox (= botulinus / botulinus toxin), as the miracle agent against wrinkles is designated in specialist parlance, is employed in many case in cosmetic medicine. It is suitable for the treatment of facial-expression and dynamic wrinkles, since the different muscle groups can be blocked in a targeted way. The muscle contractions are reduced with botox, which results in an expansion of the lower-level musculature and thus minimizes wrinkles.

Botox injecting – which types of wrinkle can be eased by means of botox?

Botulinus toxin (=Botox / botulinus toxin) has proved itself in the treatmentt of facial-expression wrinkles in the face, such as anger wrinkles, crow’s-feet, laugh-lines or forehead wrinkles. The effects of the substance make botox (botulinus toxin / botulinus toxin =) predestined for the treatment of wrinkles which arise from unconscious muscle contractions. Increased botox is employed for wrinkle treatment in the upper third of the face, however, it can also be injected in the area of the nose and mouth.

From what is botox obtained for wrinkle treatment?

Botulinumtoxin ( = botox / botulinus toxin) is manufactured nowadays synthetically and the bacterium clostridium botulinus toxin is used. The material was discovered as early as at the beginning of the 19th century, and was known for years as so-called sausage poison. Later on, thanks to the paralyzing function of the poison, the area of application was then extended to aesthetic medicine. As well as wrinkle treatment, botox (= botulinus toxin) can also be employed as medication against motor-neuron faults in the neurologic movement apparatus and sickness sweating.

Botox treatment Munich

Botox treatment in Munich – does this treatment involve pain? Are there side effects?

Wrinkle treatment with botox (botulinus toxin) can generate slight levels of pain which can be different from patient to patient. Fine, thin pins are used during the treatment, which cause only slight pain with injection. Therefore, possible irritations or reddening at the injection location also form to relatively low degree. Small effusions or a low level of swelling are included among the most frequent side effects with this type of wrinkle treatment. In an initial consultation discussion, I can provide you with more detailed information in this area.

Botox risks – does a treatment involve risks?

Botox is considered a safe agent in the area of wrinkle treatment, which at the same time guarantees a low level of risk for the patient. Incompatibility or swelling in the injection area can occasionally result. I rely on a continuous, comprehensive support of my patients after any treatment with botox, in order to limit any risks to a minimum.

Botox prices in Munich – what costs are involved?

No definitive response can be given in advance in absolute terms. Before your treatment with botox, we will arrange a price for the treatment of the respective body and face region with botox. After 14 days, we implement a control-check appointment. If another injection of botox should be necessary here, no further costs are incurred by you. Are there still some uncertainties which you would like to clear up locally in my practice in Munich? Personal contact with my patients is important to me. In an initial consultation appointment, I am glad to answer your questions regarding costs, courses of treatment or after-care in the area of wrinkle treatment with botox (botulinus toxin). Simply make an appointment with my practice for plastic and cosmetic surgery in Munich and become acquainted with my practice.
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