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Abdominal wall tightening in Munich - Dr. Nikolaus Raab

Tummy tightening

Abdominal wall tightening

Abdominal wall tightening in Munich – new appearance with a tight and slim stomach

Genetic disposition, a high level of weight removal or a previous pregnancy can be reasons for loose, surplus skin in the stomach area. Mostly the loosened skin areas cannot be eliminated by means of diet or increased participation in sporting activities. An abdominal wall tightening, as I implement in my practice for plastic and cosmetic surgery in Munich, can be the solution. After an abdominal wall tightening, you are again provided with a tight, well-shaped silhouette, without the disturbing fat belt on the stomach.

Abdominal wall tightening – what is the sequence involved in such an operation?

With abdominal wall tightening, also designated as abdominal wall plastic, a purposeful tightening of the stomach skin and the musculature is implemented. The sequence of such an operation depends on different factors. Usually a section is implemented which extends between both pelvis bones. With a partial abdominal wall tightening however, the sectioning can also be made smaller. After that, following lifting of the skin, the tightening of the stomach muscles is implemented. Finally surplus skin areas are removed.

The most important facts of an abdominal wall tightening are briefly as follows:

  • The intervention procedure lasts between 1 and 3 hours
  • The abdominal wall tightening is implemented under full anaesthetic
  • A partial abdominal wall tightening generally does not require an overnight stay
  • With large-scale stomach tightening, a stay of two to three days is involved

Stomach tightening in Munich – what must I consider before and after the operation?

Before a stomach tightening, no blood-thinning agents should be consumed for a period of two weeks before the operation. The same applies for hormone preparations, such as contrceptive pills. Alcohol and nicotine should also be dispensed with during this period.

After a stomach tightening, a special compression bandage must be worn for a period of one day. This will mostly be removed on the following day and replaced by fixed compression clothing, and/or a bodice panthose. These bodices must be worn for approx. four to six weeks. During this time, physical activity should also be avoided, where the following standard guidelines apply after the operation:

  • Capable of performing work: After two to three weeks
  • Sport: After six to eight weeks

Abdominal wall tightening risks – what risks are associated with such an operation?

Wound-healing disturbances, scar proliferation or initial movement restrictions are included among the risks of an abdominal wall tightening. However, every intervention is associated with risks and, in case of a professionally-implemented abdominal wall tightening in Munich, these are very small. As a specialist for plastic and cosmetc surgery, I will make it clear to you beforehand exactly what possible risks are involved in abdominal wall tightening. After the intervention, I also remain in continuous contact with my patient in order to limit the level of risk to a minimum. With an abdominal wall tightening, I check the wound progress and advise you in the areas of after-care and wound care.

Abdominal wall tightening in Munich

Costs of abdominal wall tightening in Munich – what costs are involved?

The costs involved for an abdominal wall tightening in my practice in Munich depend on various different factors, so that this question cannot be answered with definite figures. In an initial consultation discussion, I clarify all areas for you and prepare a cost estimate. In this case, I consider which results you have in mind and what I can realize as a plastic surgeon. Any coverage of the costs for a Munich abdominal wall tightening by health insurance is generally not possible.

Experience abdominal wall tightening – how important is the experience of the doctor?

In case of an abdominal wall tightening, the experience of the doctor is decisive for the success of the intervention. In my practice in Munich, you benefit from my long-standing experience as a plastic surgeon. Together with yourself, we can find a way back to a tight, attractive stomach.

Munich - Abdominal wall tightening - Praxis Dr. Nikolaus Raab

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