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Facelifting Munich - Dr. Nikolaus Raab


Facelift in Munich – fresh and tight contours

There are many reasons why patients turn to plastic surgeons and have a facelift. With the passage of years and particularly from the 35th year, the skin tension in the face and in the neck clearly decreases. Small or large wrinkles, lacrimal sacks, more prominent nasolabial wrinkles or more significant mouth-edge wrinkles, take away from the freshness of the face. Reasons for the reduction in the tightening force in the face can be, for example:

  • Too much exposure to the sun in past years or a strong weight reduction
  • Nicotine consumption over a longer period

This loosening can be countered by a professional facelift. The most important facts about a Munich facelift at a glance:

In brief:
Operation duration: 4 – 6 hours
Narcosis: Full anesthetic
Clinic stay: 1 night
Socially acceptance: After 10 – 14 days

For your facelift, place yourself in expert hands and get in contact with my practice in Munich for a personal consultation discussion.

Facelift Munich - Practise Dr. Raab
Facelift Munich

Facelift – which steps apply to you?

In my practice for plastic and cosmetic surgery in Munich, I offer you different, modern methods in the area of facelifting. With all variants, I pay attention to minimum scarring and a natural result. I have received a distinction from the European Society for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery specifically in eye surgery and am trained to implement facelift surgery on the highest level. With facelift procedures, Plastic and aesthetic surgery aims at achieving an optimal balance between the maturity of the patient and a more youthful appearance.

As a result of facelifting with me in Munich, you should be provided with a younger and fresher appearance without being stigmatised in any way through the intervention. In order to optimally achieve this narrow window of success, we fully review which method is the correct one for you. Associated with the most popular facelifting procedures are the hairline lifting, the SMAS, the MAC and the High SMAS facelifting. With face tightening, the face skin is separated from the musculature, and the connective tissue layer underneath (the so-called SMAS) is lifted up again. Then surplus fat and surplus skin are removed and the skin is placed stress-free over the taut face and fixed. Generally we combine most facelifts with Wrinkle sub-cutaneous injecting of own fat. The original cells in your own fat give you a far better skin appearance and in addition a fresher look. On the other hand, if you desire a wrinkle treatment with botox, then you can find further information here: Botox Treatment for appealing, wrinkle-free skin.

In the final result, you ahieve a tighter skin appearance, fresher contours and a more youthful appearance. Your wrinkles are noticeably decreased or cannot be identified any longer at all. The facelifting is implemented by me in a renowned Munich clinic and is implemented under full anaesthetic. After 10 to 14 days, the swelling has generally faded away to a minimum and you can admire your new, younger image in the mirror.

What is to be considered after a facelifting in Munich?

After face tightening in Munich, you spend a night in the clinic. I implement most facelifting procedures in the renowned Arabella Clinic in Munich. After a face tightening procedure, we can generally leave you in the care of your loved ones. A well-fitting bodice, created especially for you, protects the fresh scars after the face tightening. You wear these bodices for 5 days.

According to the rate of healing, stitches and clamps can be removed a few days later. After a face tightening with me in Munich, you should dispense with the following for some weeks:

  • Direct solar radiation
  • Sauna visits or steam baths
  • Hair coloring
  • Sport

If problems or questions should arise, a call or a visit to my practice is sufficient and I will deal with your concern immediately.

Modern methods of facelifting in Munich

Munich facelift risks – every intervention includes risks – a detailed explanation is therefore very important

When you put yourself into the professional hands of my specialist practice and wish for a facelift in Munich, you are informed comprehensively about the risks involved.

This is because no surgical intervention comes without risks – even if these are manageable in the case of the facelift in Munich. In a detailed consultation discussion in my practice for plastic surgery, I explain to you the risks involved in your facelift procedure. I will also be glad to advise you on subjects such as Breast enlargement, skin tightening or liposuction.

Facelift costs – what costs are involved?

An overall cost estimate cannot be made, because every facelift is individual and is also differentiated with regard to the costs incurred. In an initial consultation discussion, I can give a first appraisal regarding costs in the facelift area, based on previous case history.

Risks & Costs – Facelift Munich

How long does the healing process last after a face tightening?

For the healing process after a face tightening, you should plan on some weeks rest. After about two weeks you can participate in normal everyday life without any problems. Approximately three to four weeks after the facelifting you feel completely fit once again.

The sensitivity of the face and the face skin returns ten to twelve weeks after face tightening. However, every healing progress of a face tightening of course runs individually. A facelifting can be combined with other corrections, such as for example a lip pleat or eyelid correction.

Facelifting – does your image in the mirror reflect a more youthful appearance?

Have you worked up courage and do you wish to do something active for the improvement of your quality of life and your self-confidence? Then you have come to the correct address in my practice for plastic surgery. You can be informed about the possibilities of face tightening in a personal discussion with me.

Find out which results you can achieve with a facelift in Munich, as well as how the operation itself and the subsequent healing process take place.

Please make an appoinment at Tel. 089 – 24401297 (Mon. – Tues. from 09.00 hours to 19.00 hours and Wed. + Fri. according to agreement) or get in contact with me by email at I look forward to seeing you!

Facelifting Munich - Practice Dr. Nikolaus Raab

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