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VASER ® Liposuction – Effective Ultrasonic Liposuction

VASER ® Liposuction – Effective ultrasonic Liposuction with firming effect

VASER ® – minimally invasive liposuction – gentle & precise

State-of-the-art 4D VASER ® ultrasound technology in the aesthetic practice of Dr. med. Nikolaus Raab

We use the latest generation of VASER® and have the necessary expertise to achieve perfect aesthetic results with this gentle procedure. Only a few of these state-of-the-art VASER® devices are in use in Germany, and only very few plastic surgeons have adequate experience in the handling of the VASER® methode in Germany and Europe. The exclusivity of this revolutionary treatment method will be explained to you in a personal consultation in Munich.

Breast, six-pack, upper arms

Vaser ® Hi-Def - Sixpack - Chest musculature - Upper arms

Abdomen, hips, upper arms

Vaser ® Hi-Def - Sixpack - Abdominoplasty

Chest, back, upper arms

Vaser ® Hi-Def - Back - Upper arms - Chest

Bottom, waist, thighs

Vaser ® Hi-Def - Bottom - Thigh - Hips

What VASER ® offers

  • VASERlipo™: gentle liposuction with very short downtimes
  • VASERhi-def™: Six-packs, chest and upper arm muscles for precise visualization
  • VASERsmooth™: significant skin tightening and elimination of cellulite

The VASER ® method is a gentle technology that uses ultrasound to precisely remove fat and, depending on the initial situation, transfer it to other parts of the body where it can be remodeled. The VASER ® method is undisputedly the most efficient system for muscle contouring and tightening connective tissue.

The VASER® method is equally suitable for men and women. Disturbing or excess fat is gently removed or redistributed. In this way, we use the VASER® to model individual parts of your body, like a sculpture, and design, shape and perfect your body so sustainably. For both, men and women, the VASER® can be used to work out specific muscle areas on the chest, abdomen and upper arms. The result is perfect muscle design. In addition, unwanted fat deposits on the abdomen, chin, thighs and upper arms can be removed or remodeled. The resulting tightening effect is lasting and natural. Cellulite can also be gently removed with the VASER®.

The following body regions can be treated with the VASER® very well

  • belly
  • lower abdomen
  • hip
  • waist
  • chin
  • double chin
  • throat
  • upper arms
  • thighs
  • riding breeches
  • chest
  • man’s breast
  • back
  • upper back
  • lower back
  • knee
  • calves
  • buttocks
  • mons pubis
  • ankle

When are you suitable for a VASER® treatment?

  • if, despite sport and a healthy diet, you cannot get rid of excess fat on individual parts of your body
  • if you want to perfect your silhouette
  • if you are looking for a gentle procedure for liposuction
  • if you suffer from lipedema and its symptoms

Treatment with the VASER® is mainly carried out under local anaesthesia and within 1-2 days after the treatment you are able to return to social life and go to work. The complication rate proven in studies is zero percent.

The VASER® company

VASER® has become a global leader in the field of ultrasonic liposuction. VASER® comes from the USA and has been investing in research and development of minimally invasive liposuction procedures for years. The VASER® device has been approved by the strict American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 2002.

How does the VASER® technology work?

The VASER® technology is a revolution in the field of liposuction and body shaping with ultrasound. Traditional liposuction methods have always been associated with pain and patients have always had to accept bruises, effusions of blood and swelling. This unwanted effects belong to the past. The VASER® method reduces these side effects to a minimum. With the VASER® , fat deposits can be removed with high precision.

Compared to alternative methods of liposuction, such as water jet assisted liposuction or laser liposuction, VASER® liposuction is not only particularly gentle but also particularly precise. The surrounding tissue is spared and the healing phase is significantly shortened.

The advantages of VASER ® Ultrasound Liposuction are obvious.

Advantages of the VASER® method

  • gentle ultrasound technology
  • immediately visible results
  • painless procedure
  • short intervention time
  • great design possibilities
  • outpatient treatment without general anesthesia
  • low risk, 0% complication rate
  • immediately after the treatment you will be discharged home
  • suitable for every kind of fat depot, from small to large fat pads
  • suitable for precise muscle contouring
  • suitable for skin tightening and cellulite removal
  • minimally invasive liposuction
  • removes only the fat and protects the surrounding tissue
  • minor complaints
  • less swelling and bruising
  • short downtimes
  • rapid regeneration
  • mild healing process
  • unique tightening effects can be achieved
  • high lipovitality of 80 – 95%, whereby the body’s own fat is highly usable for own fat transplantation

Selected body regions for women

Vaser ® Hi Def Contouring female problem zones

Selected body regions in men

VASERlipo®, VASERhi-def®, VASERsmooth® - Problem Zones Man

What exactly is VASERlipo ®, VASERhi-def ®, VASERsmooth ®?

VASERlipo ®: The most efficient way to get rid of fat in a targeted and gentle way

Permanently remove fat cushions
With a healthy and balanced diet and sufficient exercise, you can get rid of fat deposits. Unfortunately, this usually does not affect the parts of the body that are considered to be the weak points of the individual. Especially women’s riding breeches or a man’s chest can hardly be reduced even with targeted training.

If you want to reduce fat deposits at certain parts of your body, you should opt for liposuction, also known as lipo sculpting, body sculpting or body contouring. This is not only a particularly innovative method, but also a gentle one at the same time. With this method it is possible to shape the body specifically. The special feature: With this method, fat can not only be sucked off, but also transferred from one part of the body to another. In this case, experts refer to it as lipotransfer.

How does the VASERlipo® method work

With the VASERlipo® method, fat is extracted by ultrasound. This gentle method is so popular because fat can be removed from almost any part of the body. Not only stomach and hip fat, but also the unpleasant riding pants can be removed in this way. The method is even suitable for excess fat on the upper arms and chin. The working principle is simple: an ultrasound probe simply bursts the fat cells by making them vibrate. Then it is easy to suck off the cells.

Of course, liposuction is not intended to replace exercise, but rather to help shape the body aesthetically. If you do not achieve your desired figure despite sport, the VASERlipo® method is perfect for you.

With the VASER® we achieve an 80 – 95% vitality of the removed body fat. This makes the fat obtained during liposuction with the VASER® ideal for subsequent autologous fat transplantation.

Possible lipotransfer treatments are:

  • Breast augmentation with autologous fat
  • Equalization of asymmetrical breasts of different sizes
  • Lip spraying with own fat

Abdomen, Upper arms

Vaser ® Hi-Def - Abdomen - Upper arms

Back, Hip

Vaser ® Hi-Def - Chest muscles - Upper arm - Back

Chest, Six pack, Upper arms

Vaser ® Hi-Def - Sixpack - Upper Arms - Breast

Waist, Hips, Upper arms

Vaser ® Hi-Def - Po - Upper Arms - Back

Body Contouring with VASERhi-def ®

The art of gentle body contouring

The VASERhi-def® method is an aesthetic treatment with which muscles can be gently made visible in a targeted and particularly precise manner.
The method is suitable for contouring the following muscle groups:

  • Abdominal muscles, six-pack
  • chest musculature
  • upper arm muscles

Many people dream of a defined musculature. Even professional athletes with a low percentage of body fat are often not one hundred percent satisfied with their appearance. Although muscles such as the six-pack are present, they are hardly visible due to the fat cells above them.

This is exactly where the VASER hi-def® method comes in and can make muscles on the abdomen, chest and upper arms permanently visible. By removing the fat around the muscle groups, a modelled, athletic appearance is created that makes muscles appear more defined. The advantage of the VASERhi-def® method is that we work very precisely and can gently remove even the tiniest amounts of fat that overlay the muscles or impair the muscle contours.

The result is particularly natural and by no means artificial. But this is not the only advantage of the procedure: hardly any visible scars remain and important tissue structures are spared. The downtimes are very short, the regeneration takes place very quickly and you can resume your usual activities very shortly after the operation.

VASERsmooth ®: Eliminate Cellulite at the Roots

Permanent successful removal of cellulite

Cellulite is not a medical problem, but the unsightly dents on the buttocks and thighs are perceived by many as a big flaw.

There are countless ways to treat cellulite, but very few are really effective and only moderately successful. It is a fact that women are much more often affected than men due to their weaker connective tissue.

In women, the connective tissue fibres, the so-called septa, run vertically. These in turn pull the epidermis point by point towards the deep tissue, which causes the typical orange peel skin.

The so-called VASERsmooth® method uses a special probe. With this probe, the septa are cut minimally invasively. The result is that the skin immediately relaxes and returns to its original and smooth shape. The ultrasound used has another positive side effect because it simultaneously tightens the connective tissue. During the VASER®-Smooth method, fat can be suctioned off at the same time as the skin is shaped. This method is so successful because it combats the actual cause of orange peel skin. Immediately after the procedure you will benefit from a much smoother skin.

Team Practice Dr. Raab

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Breast Augmentation with B-Lite

  • Practice Dr. Raab - Breast Augmentation with B-Lite

Vaser Lipo | Hi Def

  • Practice Dr. Raab - Vaser Lipo | Hi Def

Practice impressions

  • Practice Dr. Raab - Breast enlargement Munich

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