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Breast Augmentation with B-Lite

Breast Augmentation with B-Lite Light Implants

As one of only a few worldwide renowned centers for plastic and aesthetic surgery specializing in breast augmentation, B-lite enables us to offer the most innovative, highest quality and safest breast implants currently available on the market exclusively in Germany. Dr. Raab is the only German physician to offer courses for this new type of breast augmentation. Many colleagues at home and abroad have benefited from his experience with the implants. He acts as a key opinion leader for B-lite and as a sought-after speaker at many large expert meetings.

These novel implants have been developed by some of the most experienced and respected breast surgeons in the world, especially for very demanding patients who are concerned about maintaining their individuality and uniqueness and who value a result of breast augmentation that comes as close as possible to perfection and is durable. B-Lite implants weigh about 30 percent less than conventional breast implants, are handmade and certified exclusively in Germany and feel soft, firm and very natural.

A premium product that also meets the highest demands.

Reasons for a breast augmentation in Munich with the new B-Lite light implants

In our society it is the expression of femininity par excellence: the breast. For many women, the breast as a perceived flaw is not only an obstacle in their sex life, but also determines their self-confidence in their private and business environment. Breast augmentation in my practice in Munich can provide a remedy for these problems. However, especially with large breast enlargements, there are often concerns about the implant weight and possible associated health problems. B-Lite breast implants, also called lightweight implants, which weigh 30% less than conventional breast implants, offer a solution to these problems, as the weight literally weighs less than conventional implants.

How do B-Lite breast implants differ from conventional silicone implants?

The new B-Lite breast implants correspond in shape and size exactly to the silicone implants produced in Germany for decades. The light implants also have the same feel and feel as conventional implants and have a typical soft form stability – after all, the outer shell of the new implants is the same as that of the Polytech implants used for decades. The difference with the new B-lite implants is the innovative silicone gel filling. They contain air pockets that reduce the weight of the implants but still allow the desired volume. By using these biocompatible hollow silicone microspheres, the weight of implants, often the limiting factor in the desired breast enlargement, can be reduced by up to 30%.

What changes does the new B-Lite light implants bring to patients?

The new B-Lite implants offer more design options for breast augmentation. With implants of 350 to 400 cubic centimeters, sagging of the breast was hardly avoidable due to the weight. Especially after a long period of wear, with weak connective tissue or with large implants, follow-up and post-operative lifting may be necessary if the breast tissue is pulled downwards by the weight of the implants. The weight factor is literally less important for light implants. The load on the breast tissue and the skin decreases as a result, whereby the breast sinks considerably less with advancing age and remains beautiful longer. This makes aesthetic results possible that would have led to complications before and would not have been medically justifiable. Especially women who are active in sports and wish to have a breast enlargement, but avoid it because they fear restrictions or back problems during their activities, can fall back on the new B-Lite breast implants. Also with breast enlargements, which are accompanied by a tightening of the breast, the lower weight has an advantage for the aesthetics and the danger of scarring.

Differences in the postoperative healing process with B-Lite light implants

Due to the lower weight compared to silicone implants, postoperative complaints with B-Lite implants are considerably lower. Patients have significantly less postoperative swelling. The lower weight has a positive effect on wound healing and patients report less postoperative pain.

Breast Augmentation with B-Lite Light Implants

Medical Advantages of B-Lite Lightweight Implants

Besides the already mentioned advantages for the quality of life of the patients and the long-term advantages for the aesthetics of the breast, there are also medical advantages for the B-Lite breast implants. On the one hand, it is possible to distinguish the light implants clearly from the surrounding tissue by means of their air pockets in the ultrasound, which makes complications such as implant fracture, dislocation, implant defect, capsular fibrosis and rotation easier and more reliable to detect in the ultrasound and mammography. For physicians and patients, this means that the causes of possible complaints can be identified more quickly and reliably and therapies can be started more quickly. In addition, the light implants are permeable to X-rays due to their air inclusions, which facilitates breast cancer diagnostics using mammography compared to conventional silicone implants.

Breast augmentation Munich with B-Lite light implants - Praxis Dr. Raab
Medical advantages

Costs of breast augmentation with B-Lite implants

B-Lite breast implants are significantly more expensive than silicone implants. The implants are exclusively handmade in Germany and are of course CE certified. In addition, the special combination of a proven silicone shell with a biocompatible filling of a silicone gel microsphere complex represents a development time of around 10 years for the manufacturer. All in all, these factors are reflected in the price and quality of the implants. In detail, the price of a breast augmentation with B-Lite implants also depends on the surgical technique, the type of incision as well as the desired volume of the breast augmentation and the individual expectations of the patient. I will be happy to advise you in a personal consultation and can provide you with a non-binding cost estimate within the scope of your ideas and the surgical possibilities available.

Financing the B-Lite Breast Augmentation by Instalment Payment

In my practice for plastic and aesthetic surgery in Munich a financing of breast surgery is offered by installments. In this case, an instalment and the corresponding duration are agreed and contractually fixed. This type of financing requires a credit check and proof of income. We will be happy to inform you about this financing method in a non-binding consultation.

Financing the B-Lite breast augmentation by credit

You can also have your breast augmentation in Munich financed by credit. This financing method also requires a credit check and proof of income from the issuing bank. We will be happy to inform you about this financing method in a non-binding consultation.

Costs B-Lite method

Doctor’s experience with the new B-Lite lightweight implants

For high-quality results in breast augmentation, experience and competence as well as a trusting relationship between doctor and patient are necessary. In the field of B-Lite implants, our practice in Munich has been oriented towards the latest medical findings since their approval and gained a high degree of experience early on, which is reflected in the high level of satisfaction of our patients.

If you are interested in breast augmentation or would like to receive further information without obligation, you can contact our practice by telephone at 089 24401297 or by e-mail at


Gewichtsangaben im Vergleich von B-lite Implantaten zu herkömmlichen Implantaten.

Medical Advantages of B-Lite Light Implants - Praxis Dr. Raab München

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